Network Marketing Training: The Art Of Storytelling Part 1

I’m putting together a two part series for the art of storytelling. Storytelling is a powerful skill to learn and acquire.

Watch the video below to learn how this can help you in your business.

Do You Use Stories In Your Business?

the-art-of-storytellingYou can simplify your business when you develop the art of storytelling skill. You will even start to realize when people are using it on you =). I’m gonna break it down a lil and share some quick tips in this video, in this first part, and tomorrow I’ll follow up with part two. I’m going to give you some resource on how you can actually learn more about the art of storytelling.

In this specific two part training, we’re going to talk about characters. You probably want to grab a pen and paper or bookmark this blog because it’s that important. Characters. Characters trumps content. Now, what exactly does that mean, because probably my previous videos I’m always suggested that you create a piece of content every day, right? Here are some examples for you.

Name something that you learned in 9th grade algebra. I’ll give you a second to write it down. Leave a comment underneath on something that you learned in 9th grade algebra. Now, name a character from the Wizard of Oz. Now, right off the top your head, boom. You said Dorothy, Scarecrow, the Lion, Tin Man, the Witch. You probably had a character in your mind already. Understand that the development of characters sticks in our mind, and it’s more easier to remember when we’re learning something.

When you’re talking to your prospect, use characters in your story, instead of the information of the product that you are selling. A lot of people want to regurgitate all the information about a product, about how great a product is, but the reality is that people really don’t remember that. If you are using a story, or a character in a story, when relaying your message to your mlm prospect, they are going to remember that. For example, it may go something like this, “Hey, Joe told me this story about Jane, and Jane did X, Y, Z with this product.” It’s much more simple when you are using characters in a story than content, because people will not, or more than likely are not going to remember information, but if you can use a character, and share with them how it made them feel, people will remember that. It’s a lot easier for you to get more engagement, and a person to listen to more what you have to say.

Video On The Art Of StoryTelling

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