Network Marketing Training: The Art Of Storytelling Part 2

Today is part two of the art of storytelling. I put together a two part series you that you can start using stories in your business.

Watch the second part of this video and learn how to apply this skill.

Did You Read Yesterday’s Blog?

the-art-of-storytellingYesterday I did Part 1 in the art of storytelling. If you missed it, you can go here and check it out. It basically covers how character trumps content and using characters in your story will trump content. If you want this blog to make more sense, go back and read yesterday’s.

3 Different Types Of Characters

Today in Part two. There are three major characters that will be covered. I’ll show you how these three main characters you can use that in the art of storytelling. The three major characters. One is the Alpha, two is the Braveheart or the Crusader, and three is the Evangelist or the Maven. What does that mean?

Number one is the Alpha. It’s self-explanatory. The Alpha has that alpha mentality. For example, you joined a business and approach your warm market, “Hey, I got in this business. You’re going to get in with me and we’re going to grow pretty big and fast. Let’s go do this.” That’s the alpha-type. You’re telling the person what to do and they get in there with you and you are going to go grow the business. You just have that alpha mentality type.

Number two is the Braveheart or the Crusader. This is where your approach, “Hey, we got into this business. It’s us against the world. We’re going to go change the world.” If you are in a health and wellness company, you may approach it, “Hey, this health and wellness product, we’re going to make sure that’s in every single household that’s out there. Come on. It’s us against them.” You get on the horse start to make the change. That is the Braveheart/Crusader mentality. It’s us against the world. Let’s go change the world.

Number three, which is the Maven or the Evangelist, is the researcher. They have to do all the research or due diligence. Then, when they are finished they become obsessed. There approach is, “Hey, this is the best thing out there. I’ve done all my research. I’ve dug into this, the nooks and the crannies, and this is the best thing out there. I’ve done the research.” Watch the below below to get the vibe.

Part 2 Video On The Art Of StoryTelling

Those are the three types of the major characters when you  use the art of storytelling. You have the Alpha, the Braveheart, and the Maven. Was that video helpful? Join the conversation and share which one you are in the comment area. Check out the free webinar on storytelling for profit.

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