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Offline Marketing: What Does NOT Work

Have you had results with your offline marketing? This will help AND give you some ideas.

Today I will share you a few things to do and a few things NOT to do when it comes to offline marketing strategies.

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Do NOT to do When Offline Marketing

A lot of the new business owners I speak with, one of the main things people promote in network marketing is go out and buy marketing materials.

I’ll focus on flyers because I hear people all the time, “I can pass them out.” It’s a lazy ass way. I’m saying it’s not effective. And the reason why I know it’s not effective is because how many times have I took an action from somebody giving me a flyer? I’ll take it and put it in my pile of flyers. Even if I need a service, sooner or later, I’m going back to somebody I know. “Hey Tanya, do you know somebody who is a plumber? Or Do you know a handyman?” Flyers are not as effective as people think. And people are spending hundreds upon thousands of dollars in flyers because they want to get more eyeballs on what it is that they’re selling.

With these gems, people’s eyeballs are already on their phone. If you clicked on my website, what I do is I’m sending people to an offer, which is a lead capture page. When they click the website, they have to put their name and information in to get that offer. So, I’m trying to capture the information, because as a marketer, I want to build my list.

Now there’s people who send prospects straight to their Facebook page. They get it sent to a Facebook page, and can learn more about them on Facebook. If you have multiple businesses, she’s a speaker and an author. If she wanted to go promote her book, and want to go to her speaking engagements of events. There are different ways you can use the gems.

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