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Online Branding Tips to Build Your Network Marketing Business

Ever wonder how to use online branding tips to build your network marketing business?

What I have done is shared some tips in this training on what to have setup.

Online Branding Tips…

online branding tipsHaving a website was like having a business card. It’s kind of what fancy people do. Now, almost everybody has a website. Having a website is like having a billboard. It’s putting a billboard up in the desert, and nobody’s going to see it. What I’m going to teach you, not only how to set up a blog, but know how to set up some strategies to drive traffic to that website.

Step one, identify your prospects. Which is very important, especially if you are trying to drive traffic. You want to have the right prospects coming to your website.

Step two, how to set up your blog. This strategyI promise it won’t take you six months to set it up it.

Step three, creating content. Lots of people struggle with what they are going to put up on their website. “What do I say?” and “Why do people listen to me?” These are the top two struggles entrepreneurs come across.

Step four, driving traffic to your blog. Get eyeballs on your website, so you can turn them into conversions.

Step five, cash checks. You don’t only want to drive the traffic to your website, you want to turn that website into customers.

Become An Expert Authority

You can become an expert in your niche. There’s stat that says, that said 81% of people are blogging and they haven’t made $100 thus far. This problem is that nobody sees how you can use a website as a blog.

The reason why you want to blog is because you want to become an expert in your niche. Video is huge, put your face out there with live streams, and you’re an instant expert. Blogging you can add, magnify this to make you an expert in your niche.

There’s only two things that you OWN online. One is your blog. The other is your email list. There’s a ton of social media strategies, but if you don’t follow their rules, they can boot you off their platform. They will kick you off if you’re not following the rules.

To have your blog, that’s your island. Your goal is to drive people to your island.

For example, with your blog, if you research keywords and you search a broad keyword the gets 10 million searches a month, people believe that it will help them drive traffic to their blog. My suggestion is go for the influencer.

When you’re blogging ask yourself, whose problem does your product solve, and what are they struggling with? If you ask yourself a few question, you’re just going for the low hanging fruit, instead of trying to go out there and try to get everybody.

For example, there is a keyword for 700 searches a month of what it is you’re selling. If you have that niche market, and you convert 10%, 20% of that, you can make a great business that way. B, very specific on who your prospect is. What are the struggles? How does your product solve that problem?

Video of Online Branding Tips

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