Online Video Marketing: 3 Key Elements For On Page Optimization

Looking to improve your online video marketing? There are different elements involved when in video marketing.

Watch the short video as we discuss on page optimization.

Before On Page Optimization

online-video-marketingBefore we get started in today’s post, you have to understand that some research is required with online video marketing. You have to start with keyword research to know what word or words you wanna go after. You can check out this blog post to get more information on that.

Three Tips For On Page Optimization

Today I want to focus on on page optimization and how important it is after you find your keyword to optimize it properly so you can get rewarded by the search engine. When you talk about on page optimization, you can do this on a blog, website, an article or a video. Let’s focus on video marketing. I want to show you how to optimize your videos when you online video marketing.

Once your video is uploaded, the first element you want to do is use your keyword in your title. Become an Uber Driver was my keyword here, it is right here in my title. Before you even start getting into your article or video, do a keyword research, have your keyword right here in your title. It’s very important.

The second element when you are optimizing your page is you want to have your keyword in your content. I wrote an article here and I have my keyword sprinkled through my content. Google loves fresh content. Google loves when you use your keyword in your content. Two quick things when you create your content. One is do not keyword stuff, meaning do not stuff your article or video with your keyword. Google is going to punish you. They’ll probably shut down your YouTube account and you won’t be able to market on YouTube anymore, so please don’t do that. Don’t keyword stuff your articles.

Number two is do not create duplicate content. Don’t go to someone else’s content and copy and paste it then use it as your own, because they will punish you. Google already knows what content is out there. They like fresh content. They know whose content is connected to what, so if you’re copying someone else’s content you will be punished. They will not punish the other person. They’re going to punish you because your site probably doesn’t have authority yet, so they are going punish you. Don’t keyword stuff and don’t duplicate other people’s content. Two big no-no’s. You want your content probably about between three hundred to five hundred words, sprinkled with your keyword in your content.

Tip number three is add the tags. You want to have tags in your content. After you have it in your title, then you sprinkle your keyword in your content. Then you have about four to six, four to eight tags. Tags is another word for keywords. In the video below, I put the tags right here for video purposes, so you can actually see where tags are. When you’re uploading your video they’ll ask for tags. You just put those tags, and you put them inside your video.

Video On Online Marketing Videos

Was that helpful? Did you learn something that will help you with your online video marketing? If you did, feel free to share it with someone that will benefit from it. Learn more about video marketing here.

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