Passive Residual Income Vs A High Salary Job

Do you have a high salary job and make really good money but not sure about passive residual income? In this video blog post I’m gonna share the difference and power between the two of them.

Some High Salary Jobs Don’t Know About Residual Income

passive-residual-incomeMany people strive to do well in school and graduate in order to have a chance on landing high salary job. What most don’t know is that if the aim really is to make money, then knowledge about passive residual income is more important. However, this realization doesn’t come easy to a lot of people as “real” day jobs are their comfort zone. Especially those who are getting huge monthly paychecks that give them quite a comfortable life, passive income doesn’t really matter to them anymore.

Passive residual income simply explained is income generated that you can create weather you roll out of bed or not. In fact, very common among the world’s wealthiest entrepreneurs. They create and build a income based on leverage where most look for jobs to make them wealthy, which is not likely. The problem is with high salary jobs, most who have these jobs would struggle if they happen to lose them. There are times when presented with opportunities of passive income streams, they would right away think that they no longer have time and having to sacrifice a little more time might put a risk on their jobs and even on their personal relationships. What these people do not realize though is that once they have managed on getting regular passive residual income, they can create a lifestyle that if they were to lose their jobs, they would still be earning an income.

If you are into a networking business or perhaps you are an entrepreneur who wants to establish a new business and looking for new investors such as your friends with high salary jobs, do not offer them the concept of passive income in figures yet. Explain to them first how passive income wouldn’t really require too much of their time and eventually, it wouldn’t even require any of their time at all. Tell them about the possible success of the business, which would require very little investment and their personal time and the continuous passive income streams it could bring to them.

While some people’s minds remain closed about going into business, there are many who just need proper explanation on how passive residual income can actually be beneficial to them. They need to be informed on how one day, their high salary jobs, no matter how stable it may seem, can be gone in an instant. How can they manage to continue living comfortably or just maintain the same lifestyle they have once this job is gone? Most high salary jobs are for managerial positions as well and having to apply to another job in the future may not be as easy as it was when you are fresh out of school looking for a rank and file position. Having just one source of fixed income, no matter how big it may be, is still not as good as having a passive income source because if that one source fails, then you may struggle. The video below I share a story about my brother’s client.

Is Passive Residual Income Better Than High Salary Jobs Video

Did that video make sense to you? Did it help you understand the power of passive residual income? When you talk to people about the focus on the suggestion in the video and you will have more open minded people ready to look at your business. If you want to create a passive income, check this out here.

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