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Marketing Tools For building your MLM

Success in MLM is a numbers game! The more leads you have, the more prospects you find, the more prospects the more distributors that sign up.

There are many successful business building approaches I have used, and here are just a few of the powerful ones you will find work well to build your MLM business.

5-step success formula for SEO

There is a simple 5-step system that has never failed to produce a result. Ever!

In a nutshell…

• Pick a product to promote

• Research to discover profitable keywords

• Produce compelling, value-added content

• Publish content (blog post, article, forum post, video)

• Promote the content to rank using a variety of SEO tools

Teaching how to create wealth on the fast track by creating multiple streams of income.

For example, right now we profitably promote all of these proven programs…

My Lead System Pro –  Currently one of the leaders in this community where you learn marketing from the best.

Elite Marketing Pro – this program gives you MORE than everything you need to build a business and get paid!

All of these program are proven producers. 

And… you make a ton of money promoting products, such as SEO tools and other affiliate products as well.

Create multiple streams of income on purpose to protect your financial future.

The idea is simple, yet profound…

If you put ALL of your financial eggs in one basket, what happens if you drop that basket? You wind up with egg on your face!

Which has happened to me in the past, where we had JUST ONE income stream and…

• The economy changed

• Wrong decision

• You get fired or laid off

• You get injured and simply cannot work

… and the next thing you know, you’re in financially destitute.

Protect yourself and make sure it doesn’t happen to you.

Today I could lose one or two income streams for whatever reason and it would SUCK, but not catastrophic.

Plus, by using any number of the tools… you can easily recover that lost income stream by just adding yet another product, service, tool or business opportunity to your “income producing inventory.”

Products, Tools, SEO Tools

Here is a complete list of the training, tools and resources my buddy has put together and everything he teaches WORKS TODAY… even in a post Google Penguin/Panda world.

The principles of SEO and marketing online never change, but the tools you use often do… so stop by every now and then to see our most current tool set.

Posting on Purpose for Profit – How to Get INSTANT Traffic, Leads and Sales

Instant Authority Content – Hate to Write Content? We’ve Got You Covered!

Instant Authority Kit – How to Get Paid 4X More – Right Here, Right Now

Rank and Stick SEO – Done For You SEO Service

Recommended Tools and SEO Tools

Here is a list of all the internet marketing tools and SEO tools I use in my business. Down below I share a complete marketing process. Of course, if you don’t know what you are doing… the process will be a waste of time so make sure you have the fundamentals down first by going through AT LEAST the Posting on Purpose for Profit course.

Keyword Research

Free Keyword Tool

Market Samurai (PC Based)

Domains & Hosting

GoDaddy – $10 Domain Names

• HostGator

Article Spinners

Spin Rewriter (Browser Based)

Articles & Article Writing Software

Article Builder (Automatic Articles and Auto Posting)

Authority Content Profit System (MLM/Affiliate Marketing)

Blog Post to PDF

SEO Tools for Backlinking/Ranking

Free Tools and Training

10 Day Attraction Marketing Bootcamp

(Last Updated September, 2015)

FREE Three Hour Video Tutorial – here I talk about promoting video to rank but we treat every url we produce exactly the same.

Social Media Tools

Get Real Instagram Followers, Real Photo Likes and Comments, Schedule Posts

follow-adderInstagram is a social media phenomenon and also one of the best ways to develop a huge list of highly targeted people who share the same interests you do using photos.  From a marketing spandpoint it represents one of the easiest, cheapest ways to drive highly targeted traffic to your website. Using the proper automation tools you can develop a Instagram list of 10,000 to 50,000 prospects or more in as little as a month.

Here is the best tool I have found to automate the process of not only finding the right prospects using keywords but also adding 200+ to your list every day!

Help Build Your Brand With Social Media Stardom

social-media-stardomThis is the #1 resource for social media branding rather is for website or blog design, social media profiles, or Facebook fan pages

Stand out and make your presence known. We produce amazing custom designs at cost effective prices and will work closely with you to make your concept a reality, and help make you a superstar among the competition. With Social Media Stardom, you’re sure your presence will be noticed!

Using one of the “Free” Twitter or YouTube backgrounds will most likely not draw too much attention your way. With our Custom Twitter & Youtube Backgrounds you can be sure that your page will represent your persona and leave a
lasting first impression.

Part of any successful Marketing Strategy is having a Facebook Fan Page. However, not just any fan page, but a fully functional custom Fan Page which allows your target market to learn more about you and what you do.

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