Recovering From Failure and Living Up To Your Potential

Have you failed or are you feeling like a failure?

Here I share how I recovered from a failure and how you can too.

One Of My Failures

When I started my first network marketing company, I was with my ex-girlfriend at the time. And we had these huge expectations in just a short period of time. And there was some level of success we hit early but we hit a ceiling.

Once we hit that ceiling, we found out that we had separate visions. Which was kind of difficult when you are building with someone that if your vision one way and somebody’s vision is another, it’s gonna be hard to continue that growth.

After we split, the business ended up failing, but it was one of the things where I was by myself. I felt mentally, emotionally, building the business, I had to just look inside myself and ask, what am I gonna do?

How Good Came Out of My Failure

It’s a lot of self-reflection, but I share a little bit of that because prior to me playing basketball, I was living the dream as far as seeing the world. That’s what I want to see. I remember writing places that I wanted to go, and I end up in those places that I end up playing that I had no idea how I was going to get there. Zero clue, but it manifested because I wrote it down.

Writing it down, I was able to live my dream through basketball. In business, it’s was a struggle at the beginning because I wasn’t using the same principles I did in basketball, and they are the same principles. Once you realize that in life, how important coaches were at the time either.

I didn’t have a business coach when I first started. But that’s something that you need. You need a business coach because they’ve been there, you want to get there, you need somebody to help you get there. So, am I living my dream? I am. But I still have… I’m not living it to my full potential yet. There’s still a lot more to go.

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