Rock Solid Plan to Become An Authority or Expert

Everyone always asks… how can I become an authority? Well, what if you could go back in time and ask that question a year ago and someone gave you ways where a year later you would be getting multiple of messages daily from potential prospects? Sound far fetched? Well, it isn’t and today I will give you a rock solid plan, to become an authority and even how to make money from your blog.

Start Today To Become An Authority or Expert

Do you want to be an expert or authority in your industry? What do you need to do? There is an acronym I learned a long time ago from one of my mentors, and he said, ILT. Invest, Learn, Teach.

You are gonna invest your time and/or your money into learning something and you’re going to turn around a teacher. Invest, learn, teach. If you wanna be an expert, an authority, this is the way to do it.

What a lot of people do is that they’ll invest the time and/or the money, and learn it, but they always forget this  third part. They won’t turn around and teach it. They are probably scared of judgment or why would people want to listen to me? Who would want to listen to me?

The way to get out of that is to stop thinking about yourself and think about your target prospect. Start thinking about what is that they want. What is it that you can help them with? Get and immerse with your industry. For example… I’m on a lot of webinars in network marketing, my company, prospecting, bought a lot of books. I get immersed in my industry and I know the struggles that people are going through, so while I’m learning, I can turn around and teach it.

I can turn around and teach it, put it on video, article, blog form, and that makes become an expert. What most people do is they’ll invest their time and/or money, learn it, and when they learn it, they’ll come to trainings like this and say, “Oh I know that already.” But they’re not getting customers, they’re not getting people into their business because they’re not teaching it.

You gotta share what it is that you learn, even if it’s not you and not ready to get in front of a video, or a good writer/content creator, you can leverage other people’s content until you get comfortable. You can have a small community of your own people and do a 30-day video challenge to get over your fear of video. If you wanna to become an authority or expert, you are gonna have to invest, learn, teach.

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