Sabotaging Your MLM Business Before MLM Prospecting?

The truth is, most people have some success in there mlm business and some do not. In the begin when you start your mlm prospecting journey there usually something holding you back. This video post may help you.

Why Most Struggle With MLM Prospecting?

mlm-prospectingIF you have been sabotaging yourself in your business its probably because you feel the need to be perfect or know more before your start. Preparation is great but don’t worry about being perfect in the beginning when you are mlm prospecting.

This is a common problem in network marketing, For example, after you watch a presentation your reaction is, “Man, this is awesome, I can make money with this, but I need to learn more, and do my due diligence so I can go out there and share this, so I know what I’m talking about.” Sound familiar?

Do not sabotage yourself and put your mlm business on hold. When you go into, “you need to know more” information about the company, how that works, etc., your business is not moving forward. If you are excited about it go out there, start mlm prospecting and share it with people. When you are sharing with other prospects, then you just get your upline on the phone, even if you’re brand new, they will do the explanation for you. That’s what they are there for. If you think that you need to know everything, that IS false. With time and consistency, you will start know more information, and you can share what you know with the prospect, but in the beginning you don’t need to know everything, you need to just learn to prospect and qualify them for your business. Show them the information, after you show them, you tell them, “Okay, I’m brand new and I just started but let me get my upline on the phone and they can help you get your questions answered that you may have.”

Don’t sabotage yourself and your business with information overload. With time, going to events, doing your own studying and doing your own diligence, you will learn more about your mlm business more. In the beginning, use your mlm sponsor to help you. I’m sure if you’re brand new, you can get your sponsor, and if not, you can search for someone higher in your team. 

Video: Avoid Sabotage Yourself Before MLM Prospecting

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