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The Secret To Online Network Marketing Success

Still not having success in online network marketing? There are a lot of different trainings out there but this blog post may give you some clarity.

Reason Why You Haven’t Succeed  In Online Network Marketing

online-network marketingLet me paint a picture for you. You have a wedding coming up. You are going to invite your family and friends. How would you send them an invitation? You would write their name, address, put a stamp on it, and send it directly to their address. They will receive it at their front door or mailbox. Simple right? But there is also a scenario where you spend $10,000. You get 10,000 copies and write the same info, have the name of your invitees but no address.Now you have an airplane fly over the city and drop 10,000 envelopes in that city hoping that your invitees, friends, family members get their invitation. See the problem there?

One is targeted and the another is not. You are hoping and that’s where a lot of people struggle with when they take their business online. They push all their opportunities or product online hoping somebody will opt into their information or buy something.

If you want to have success with online network marketing, in the network marketing industry, you have to be targeted on where you are putting  your content, product or service. All the time on Facebook where people post their opportunities. Talking about, “Hey, it’s the best ground floor. You’re silly if you’re not getting in. You need to get in now because if you don’t, you’re missing out, etc.

Those friends or family that are following you have a couple options.

A. They are not interested in the opportunity,
B. They are not interested in your product/opportunity, or
C. They don’t even like network marketing.

Every time you put that link up there, they’re not even thinking about that. They end up blocking or deleting you because they have no interest in network marketing whatsoever. Keep in mind that if you are going to be using online network marketing to build your network marketing business, you need to get targeted. Watch the video below as you will understand more what I mean.

Online Network Marketing Secret Video

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