Should Networking Be Work or Fun?

Prospecting is an interesting game because you have to talk to people in the world.

Today I’m sharing how it should be fun and work when you are networking for your business.

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Networking Should Be Work or Fun?

I don’t feel like networking is work, if that makes sense. I like going out and meeting people. Since I’ve turned 40, I’ve been adding a lot of bucket list items to my list. So last year on my 40th birthday, I went skydiving for the first time. I would highly suggest it. It feels like you’re flying. It doesn’t feel like you’re falling, which is two different things. I love to travel and experience other cultures, other food, as long as they have a margarita :).

I think when you travel a lot to these international places, the perception out there is that we’re different, but we’re really not. Human beings aren’t different, their culture may be different, but as a human, they’re not different.

When you go there, you meet these people, and talk to them, you’re like, “Oh!” The perception that’s been put on this country, race, religion. Is really not the same. I respect everything that they do and everything, but when you get to the bottom line foundation, you can see that they’re just human beings, which is pretty cool.

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