Should You Be Branding Yourself In Network Marketing?

I have NEVER seen a company teach this but as a network marketer, SHOULD you put any effort into branding yourself?

Watch this short video and hear my opinion on this matter.

The Mindset Of Some Network Marketers

branding-yourselfI hardly ever see branding yourself taught in the network marketing. The few teachers that are teaching it, actually brand themselves. There are lot of network marketers who want you to get their company tattooed on their chest. To let you know that it’s the best company out there. Don’t get me wrong, I love network marketing and if you’re fired up about your company you should promote it. But when talking about branding yourself as a leader, there are some things to keep in mind. If you have a brand already and looking to make it more professional, check this resource here.

My Company Is My Brand, Right?

Yesterday I was talking to a woman, and she asked me this question. She asked, “Should I brand myself. I’m thinking about re-branding myself because a company of mine went under.” During the conversation there were a few companies that she had mentioned that has went under this past year. I don’t want to go into all that. There were companies that went under. That’s part of the network marketing game. Some of these companies get started, and they go under. That’s just part of the network marketing game.

Branding yourself is very important because it really doesn’t matter which network marketing company you go to. People join people that they know like, and trust, they don’t join companies.

Here is an example of what she was doing. She was creating her website, doing her marketing on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter. She was plugging her name attached to that company. When that company went under then she was left with all that work that she had did. Now she had to go back and start all over from scratch, or re-brand all her website images that she did. That is just a total waste of time. When you are branding yourself it doesn’t matter what company you use.

There are a lot of leaders out there in the network marketing business. You have absolutely no idea what company they are with, because they brand themselves. You really got to search hard to find out they company, why? They are branding themselves. They attract people to them is, one they are bringing a lot of value to the network marketing industry. Two, is that they are branding themselves. They’re branding them as the person to get information from and problems solved. Whatever company you are in you should brand yourself. Put yourself out there and brand YOU because no matter what companies go up or down. You are always a constant.

Video On Branding Yourself

Was that video helpful? Remember, branding yourself is about your MARKETING not your prospecting. If you learn more about branding yourself with your marketing, click here.

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