Should You Create Videos For Your MLM Business?

Should you create videos for your MLM business?

Here’s a blog post on video marketing tips to get prospects reaching out to you!

Why Video?

It builds faster rapport than any other type of content. Before I even got to online, what used to happen was you could create an article, get it ranked on Google, and make money that way. Now, people can see through all the BS. They can see that an article is fluff when they read it and they move on to the next thing.

With video though, you build rapport instantly. You are building rapport and separating yourself too because the people who see you, see you as a creator. They see you as a star because they haven’t got the courage yet to upload videos. With video, it’s easier to engage an audience and keep attention. There’s a statistic a while back which mentioned that people spend about an average of 3 hours on Facebook. What does that mean? It means that everybody is trying to get somebody’s attention because they want them to raise their hand, “Hey, come to me. No, come to me.”

Video adds emotion and personality. People are going to do business with who they know and trust. If you are doing videos and putting your personality, emotion into it, people will get attracted to that. It depends on who you want to attract.

Videos increase your credibility and authority because in your industry, there’s a lot of people doing what you are doing. And most are doing it wrong because they are doing it more from a sales side than a marketing side. When you go online, people are searching. There are very few people that go online that go there to buy something. People go online searching for information. If your video comes up on the information, you are an instant authority on that niche.

Video will make up 79% of internet traffic by 2018. Because we live in a fast-paced world, we want to watch videos, we want to watch it right now so we can get to deciding whether buy what we need to buy or move on, because or attention span is like 30 seconds. So, you have 30 seconds to catch a consumer’s attention.

Crushing Your Fears of Video

What holds you back from creating a video? I’m not as outgoing as I seem, I am shy. I share with people I’m shy all the time. But I create these videos in my business, for my audience. I don’t create them for me. The things is, what people do is that they create these videos and think more about of themselves. How do they look, what are they going to say, did they stutter, how many times did I say “Uh”. Overanalyzing and using all these excuses to hold them back instead of getting out there and creating their video. The best way to do it is to practice it.

Another hang up is technology. “I can’t make fancy videos, YouTube is too techie, Facebook is too techie.” I’m not a tech guy. I’m a marketing guy. I happen to know how to press buttons and learned how to press buttons. I know how to market people and use the psychology of marketing to talk to people. So, you don’t have to real techie in your industry to build your business. You learn how to address what your audience wants.

There is a third fear I discuss in the video. It’s a powerful and I share a perspective that is more common than you may believe. You can also check out my buddy’s masterclass on crushing videos by clicking here.

Video Marketing Tips on Creating Videos or Not

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