Should You Go Out MLM Prospecting?

Should you go “out” and prospect? This post is meant if you should get dressed up to go mlm prospecting.

In this blog I’m going to share with you some suggestions that will help.

Dress To Impress While MLM Prospecting

mlm-prospectingA couple of things here. Should you go out and prospect? Well, that is kind of tricky, here’s what I mean. If you are looking at going out and prospect as a chore or event then you’re probably not gonna do it. Going out to mlm prospect shouldn’t be a chore or event. If you have number goals that you wanna hit you should, there’s social media where I did a training here, but if you’re going out to prospect and you have some number goals then don’t think about it as put it on my calendar should I go out and prospect? You need to reverse it. Reverse it and think about prospect while I’m out. MLM prospecting while I’m out running my errands.

If you are going to the grocery store and your number goal is 2 think to yourself, “Okay, I need to make 2 connections while I’m out at the grocery store.” If you are mlm prospecting when you’re getting gas say to yourself, “Okay, I’m going to make 2 connections when I’m out to go get gas.”

Instead of making it a chore, say to yourself  “You know what? I need to schedule some time in to prospect so I need to get dressed, tidy up, put a tie on.” Or if you’re a woman, “I need to put a dress on.” I’m going out to an event tonight let me make sure I make 2 connections while I’m out. Let me go ahead and prospect 2 people while I’m out.” And then it’s not a chore any more to what you’re doing, you’re just going out and then you’re mlm prospecting while you’re out.

Video On Going Out To MLM Prospecting

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