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Should You Lead with the Product or the MLM Opportunity?

Are you not sure what to promote, what do you lead with? Do you lead with the money making side of the mlm opportunity or do you lead with the awesome product? Let me give you my OPINION on both of these approaches as well as a third option.

Should You Lead with the Product or the MLM Opportunity?

It depends on what sales funnel or what post they clicked on. And it depends on what is it that they need help with? Maybe it isn’t the business mlm opportunity they are looking for. Maybe it’s a system that they’re looking for, or the product. I’m listening to the problem and when they tell me the problem, then I have a solution within here at the end. Does that make sense?

I’m doing all this, for a purpose to convert a sales. I’m not spending my free time here to share with people what a genius I am. People will care less if I’m a genius or not, but people do want their problems solved, and great salesmen are solving problems.

There’s a lot of skilled salesmen out there who know sales techniques and the psychology of sales. People have buyer’s remorse afterwards because they feel like they were tricked into a sale.

Marketing is when you follow this process, your pre selling them. Sharing more information. 95 to 98% of people who are online, they’re in research mode. And 2 to 5% are buyers. The problem is that everybody’s targeting the buyers, when they have 95 and 98% who are just looking for your help.

If you educate them on your product, service or opportunity is, then “The internet” is educating them through an online forum, and walking them through that process to the sale.

If they see, 10 videos or 15 videos of me, they’re think “This guy’s on the internet. I’m not, how do I get there?”  or, “I need some more information about what is this that he’s talking about? I need to talk to this guy.”

It’d be the same thing for you guys when you educate your target audience or avatar, over a period of time, they’re going to trust you. How do you separate yourself from everybody else? Educate them. Don’t think it’s about yourself, try to find out who it is you want to help. That make sense?

Disagree or agree with me? I would love to hear your feedback!

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