Simple YouTube Trick For More Clicks, Views, and Rankings

Have you optimize your YouTube channel to get better results?

Here’s some tips to improve your videos on YouTube Platform.

YouTube Channel Optimization

When creating a YouTube channel, create a banner. This is simple that you could do it yourself, but I would suggest outsourcing it. Go to, pay somebody five bucks and have them create a banner, brand yourself with your picture, then have a call to action. In YouTube, it’s usually at the bottom where you put your website and social media channels. You want to have some type of call to action on your banner.

About Me Section

Tell them about your story, what you specialize in. That’s your story that you share on your YouTube channel. The kind of story that you share every time somebody arrives at your channel, they know a little bit about you.

Make sure you put keywords that are specific in your niche. For example, I would put network marketing, online business, home based, these are the keywords in my industry. Think about the keywords in your industry and make sure you put those in your About Me.

Use the links section to guide the viewer to your free offer or website if you want to drive people to your website, and your other social media profiles. In the beginning, focus on one marketing strategy. When you start building over time, you can find me here on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. But in the beginning, focus on one.

Practice Leads to Progress

I met one of my guys last week, and I ended up recruiting him to MLSP and said, “Man, I remember the first video I watched you. You’ve got better!” I kept practicing, that’s how it is. You continue to practice.

You are gonna make mistakes with “umms”, “uhs”. “Why am I going live? It’s not supposed to be live.”, “Why is the camera on me? Turned around!” All those mistakes you are gonna go through. But you gotta practice. Practice creating that content. That is the only way you get better: is practice. Not doing it is not gonna accelerate your results. You gotta learn how to get over that fear, and the best way to get over that fear is to attack it.

Needs to Create Quality Videos

You don’t need fancy equipment, or software. Your smartphone works. There was someone I was talking to this morning. She wanted to start her own blog, but she wanted is make sure she has this fancy camera and green screen up. That is another excuse to hold you back from getting started.

You have your phone ready, you don’t need to spend a thousands of dollars on an iPhone. You have a camera on your hands, might as well use it. It’s good quality. You might as well use what you got. You don’t have to buy another excuse. You have a $700 camera and not using it. There’s gonna be something else that “comes up.”

How-to Videos and Tutorials

Have you searched how-to videos on how to screw on a light bulb or how to change my tires? So think about that as an entrepreneur. “How to talk to the cold market?”,” How to cold market to prospects.” This is what people are searching for when they go on YouTube.

I’ll creating a video and show people how to do it. Think about the how-tos in your industry, niche, and answer those questions and create a video about it.

You can do tutorials on your products as well. If you’re a skincare company, same example “Hey, here’s a tutorial on how to put this skincare on my face.” Walk them through the steps, and it’s simple and people will watch it because they wanna know how to do it.

Watch the video below as I share how to repurpose content on different platforms.

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