Six Network Marketings Tips For Networking Events

Want some networking tips? These simple suggestions will make you better when you head out to your next networking events.

Watch this short video and learn how to better connect with people at events.

Why Networking Events?

networking-eventsI talk a little about this in the below video but the reason I like networking events is the people that attend these events are typically my kind of people.

Most people that attend networking events are professionals that run their own business or are tied to commissions in some way PLUS they want more. Which is important, because the fact that they took the time to get dressed and leave their couch suggests it. Check out this free webinar and pick a strategy that works for you.

Basic Tips For Networking Events

You wanna utilize networking meetings properly and don’t wanna waste your time. Here is what I’ve learned on how you can use these groups to your advantage.

1. Find the right networking event. You want the event or a group that can benefits you. A good free resource is You go to the website and choose a group that can benefit you for your business. For example, business professionals (as I mentioned above), vegetarians, people who want to lose weight, workout addicts, or whatever it is that you are looking for. Connect with people that have the same similarities as you.

2. Dare to be different. A lot of times when you go to networking events, there are people who are eager to pitch their product and share their 30 second commercials. What I suggest is go to these events with empty pockets grab as many business cards and make connections then follow up with them the next day. No one does this. I speak more about this in 5th tip. Dare to be different.

3. Introduce yourself. By introducing yourself you are already showing that you are different. Most of the time people wait for them to come to you. Go and shake hands, look them in the eye, introduce yourself and just say your name. People are more likely to remember you when you use this approach.

4. Ask great questions. Great questions will open up the door for great information.When you ask great questions you can dig a little deeper into who they are and about what they do. IF there a connection you can move forward, if not its all connect with more people there.

5. Talk about your business. What most people do is they’ll take their business card, brochures or flyers, and start handing passing them out to everybody. The approach that I use is I reverse. I go empty pocket and I ask people about their business. Which was tip 4, to ask great questions. If someone asks me about their business, I tell them what I do, then I ask them more about their business. People love to talk about themselves and their business. When you are listening to what they say then they will be more receptive.

6. Have fun. You are building your business and connecting with people, you should have fun. Yes, you go to these networking events to promote your business, make money, make new connections, build new clients and customers, but have fun doing it. People who attend events want more out of life, make more money, sales, connections but you wanna have fun doing it.

Video: Tips For Networking Events

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