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Social Media Marketing Tips: Which Social Media Platform To Choose For Your Business

Don’t know what platform to recruit with on social media?

In today’s post I’m gonna share a few social media marketing tips on exactly what you should know about social media and MLM leads.

How to do Social Media Marketing

social media marketing tipsTip number one:

These social media marketing tips, they are kind of tricky, what I mean by that is just because you have to know how each platform works. Know which platform you are on. For example, if you are on Instagram, that’s a visual platform so posting pictures and making 60 second videos. If you are on Twitter, you got the 140 characters to get your content out in less than 140 characters. You are not able to post the same content on Instagram as you are Twitter. Know which platform you’re on so you can know what it is that best fits your business.

I also suggest where do you spend most of your time on? Once you know your platform, where do spend most of your time on? If you spend your time on that, then learn that platform and then you can start getting results in that way. A great book on that its, Gary Vaynerchuk, Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook. I would suggest you get it if you’re serious about building your business on social media.

Tip number two:

Personal page vs Business page. We’re talking about Facebook here. As a business owner, you are thinking long term. I’m gonna share some short term strategies as well. If you are thinking as a business owner long term, I would suggest you start building a Facebook fan page because the personal page only holds 5,000 friends. If you plan on having a business where you can impact more than 5,000 people. With that in mind, start building your Facebook fan page. Every business starts from zero. You have to put in the time and start building it now. Here is a training that will help you.

If you want a short term social media marketing strategy, you can mlm prospect. Start prospecting, use your personal profile and start prospecting people. Now, if you’ve done this wrong in the past, by raising a lot of resistance on a a personal fan page, then this may be a slower process because you have to build a transition period there.

Start doing Facebook live. Facebook live is huge right now, and does a good job at getting your information and content out to your friends and family. You can start it on your personal page, but I would highly suggest for a long term strategy, you start doing those Facebook lives on your business page because that’s the one that you want to build for your long term business.

Tip number three:

Get followers. You want to get followers, but you don’t want to get any followers. You want to get followers who are celebrating you every time they see your video. Every time they see your video or put a piece of content up there, they’re happy to see you. This is called attraction marketing, not resistant marketing. You don’t want to resist people, you want people to reach out to you and attract to you.

How do you do that? You have to be someone that people want to follow. You have to put valuable content out there so that people are eager to see your videos, read your posts, or see your lifestyle . Put valuable content out there so you have people reaching out to you. Ask yourself a serious question. Would you follow you? If you’re out there putting a lot of salesy stuff on your page, do you want to see that salesy stuff on your page, in your newsfeed? I doubt you do. I would suggest put valuable content out there so you can start using attraction marketing.

Tip number four:

Stop using your network marketing company’s name. You don’t want to use your network marketing company’s name and here is why. If you’re using your network marketing company’s name, this is what’s gonna happen. The person that sees it, they’re gonna Google it and see the negative comments and you WILL lose them. Or the people that are interested in it, you’ll never know about it ’cause they will NOT reach out to you to join your team. They’ll reach out to somebody who maybe they know more or somebody who’s had better success at that time.

Video on Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Business & Network Marketing Business

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