Social Media Recruiting Tips That Will Work For You

If you aren’t getting any results with Social Media recruiting, there’s a good chance you need to watch this video.

This video will share with you some social media recruiting tips on how to get people reaching out to you vs. run away from you!

Benefits of Using Social Media for Recruiting

social-media-recruiting-tipsHere’s what happens, in your network marketing business they are telling you, “Hey, post your product. Post your opportunity.” What happens is that a lot of times people are just posting, and are raising resistance of your prospect. One is because, nine out of ten times, that looks salesy and people don’t go on social media to be sold anything. People go on social media to be informed. People go on there for the news. A lot of people don’t go on social media to actually buy something so if you are posting something and you’re saying how great your product is, you’re like, “Hey, I’m part of this XYZ Company and the products are phenomenal, the products are great,” you’re coming off as a salesperson and as that salesperson you’re raising resistance with your prospects. You may not want to do that because that doesn’t work.

Number two, what they do, out of that nine out of ten there is that tenth person who is curious will go to Google that XYZ Company. Say to themselves, “I’ve been seeing a lot of this. Let me go check it out.” And what happens? They go straight to the negative comments. That’s just how it is. It doesn’t matter what is out there on the internet as soon as people go to Google, there’s always negative comments out there. It could be in network marketing you are going to hear the scam scheme, the product does this, that, or whatever. But you could Google anything. If you Google anything … You can Google a church and they’re talking about how bad a church is. You can Google the Pope and they’ll talk about how bad the Pope is.

It really doesn’t matter what you go out there and Google. Your eyes are going to go straight to the negative. For example, “This is what that one person said so the whole thing is a scam. The whole thing is bad.” When people are Googling your XYZ and see the negativity, they’ll say, “Okay, it’s a pyramid scheme. I don’t want to be no part of that. You know, it’s over. I’m done. I’m not even interested in that,” so they go away.

What you want to do is get people interested in what you are doing and how you do that is you have to raise their curiosity. Now, before I go to the solution to that … What also can happen is that they Google it and there is this persuasive network marketer, online marketer, and he suggests, “Hey, if you join my team then you can get XYZ bonuses and all that stuff,” so if you’re posting something and they start Googling it and they see a persuasive online marketer then you are going to lose them. You’ve lost that person. That’s probably another reason why you don’t want to do that.

Social Media Recruiting Strategy

What is the solution on how to help people or attract people using these social media recruiting tips? One is that you want to raise the curiosity and lower the resistance. How do you raise curiosity? You educate them. You take them on the journey with you. I suggest avoiding putting your company on there because once you put your company on social media. Once you put your company on there what’s going to end up happening is that they’re going to mass you as another spammer. You’ll get blocked that out.

Don’t want to do what everybody else is doing, but you do want to educate them. Educate them and share with them the benefits of, maybe you want to sell the products so you educate them on the product or you educate them on why they should join your team by giving them. You can suggest what is the benefits of working with you. The training that you’re going to provide. The leadership that you’re going to provide. All that stuff that you’re going to be providing working with them.

You educate them and that’s going to lower the resistance because what is the best way if a person’s wondering what company are you in? They ask about it. If they’re curious about what company you are and they reach out to you and they email you or they go down your sales form and ask you, “Hey, what company are you with?” The best way solution for that is that they ask you. If they are asking you what company that you’re in, then all of the sudden you’re coming off as a better marketer. You’ve lowered the resistance and you can share with them your link, and share with them your presentation on what it is that you’re actually doing.

Hopefully, that was beneficial for you. If it was, please share this with somebody. Comment below because using social media you always want to do what I suggested in the video above. You are becoming a good marketer, when people are asking you what company that you are in and want to work with you.

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