Success Tips With Steve Harvey

My friend Tina is a huge Steve Harvey fan and suggested that I start following him more closely. I came across this video and it is super powerful and believe you should hear this.

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Know What it Takes to Succeed?

steve-harveyI can tell you, before I took entrepreneurism seriously, I failed MANY times over in my basketball career. I failed in the begin with my first network marketing company but it didn’t stop me. I can tell you the key to ARRIVING to success is by very persistent. Especially through your failures. Steve talks about how your parachute won’t open right away and it is true.

When I see people posting on social media how their “strategy” isn’t working vs. trying to figure it out.

Don’t be so willing to give away your power. This is a book that talks about staying postured here.

What Is Success To Me…

To me, success means growing yourself daily and  finding a way to serve your people. There is an old saying, you are either growing or you are dying. With all the people I speak with daily, if i can touch one soul for them to see options, its a small accomplishment on the way to dream big. Its about making a difference while I’m here on this planet and contributing to help others grow.

Do yourself a favor and watch the below video. Regardless of your religious background, get the message. You have a gift inside you that the world wants to see, let the world see it.

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