The 4-Step Video Formula to Get More Network Marketing Leads

Want to get more leads from your videos?

Here’s our simple video formula to get prospects reaching out to you!

The 4-Step Video Formula to Get More Network Marketing Leads

Let me share with you the video formula to get MLM Leads.


Tell them who you are.

“Hey, how are you doing? This is YOUR NAME.”

It might be somebody new coming to your page.

Even if it’s live and they stumbled across it.

Let me press play.” Introduce yourself. That’s the first thing you do. Let everybody know who you are.


Why they are here.

With your headline, you’re asking this question.

In my industry, network marketing, are you struggling with leads? Are you struggling to talk to people? Do you struggle with your warm market? Here’s some cold marketing tips.

Ask the question right there of your target problem. Whatever the problem is that they have, ask that question.


Provide the answer.

That’s the question you are going to answer.

This is what separates you from everybody out there, because very few people are doing this.

Because what a lot of people do when they are creating videos, they talk about themselves.

You want to take people on your journey with you, but you want them coming back.

The way you have them come back is providing valuable content.

When you start giving your audience a lot of content, a lot of valuable content, they’re going to be looking for your videos.

They will be sharing your videos, sharing it.

Call to action

When you’re wrapping up your video.

Send them somewhere, send to your website, send them to your phone number, send them to your email address, send them somewhere so that they can become a lead.

Send them somewhere where they can learn more about you, more about what it is that you’re selling.

There’s tons of videos, hundreds upon millions of videos out there that they don’t have call to action.

If you’re in business have a call to action. If people are arriving on your Facebook live, blog, or anything like that, they’re arriving on that, they’re looking for help.

These are people already looking for help.

Once you ask that question, you provided them that content. Give them the help.

Video of Video Marketing Formula

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