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The 6 Pillars – The Foundation of Your Online Marketing Business

Every successful business has these 6 Pillars in place that help SUSTAIN success.

In today’s blog post are the pillars for online success that you can start using today to move your business forward.

Cornerstone of the Attraction Marketing Formula

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Pillar #1 – Vision & Personal Development Strategy

Personal development & have a vision. When people get introduced to network marketing, it’s usually because of money, need money or in a broke state of mind. When they get recruit in network marketing, what ends up happening is that they are pitching the lottery dream to you.

“Three to six months” you can walk away and have results. The reason why that’s not the case is that the person who is on that stage, they have a story that they are going to share with you. But they don’t ever tell you that they’ve been in network marketing for twenty years. But the share that it can happen.

That being said, everybody on that stage, speaking had a vision of who they wanna become. If you don’t have a vision of who you want to be, then your marketing is not going to work.  You have to see yourself in the future. Because a lot of people will focus on the past, the known.

Most will focus on the known versus the unknown. Doubt will creep in telling yourself, you are not going to be able to do this. You have to continue seeing yourself speaking in front of people. You have to envision yourself seeing that and you will have to manifest it first.

Pillar #2: Personal Branding Strategy

Who are you? and Who you wanna be? Now who do you want to attract. Who do you want to serve in your market place. Marketing 101 is that when you want to market to everybody, you are marketing to no one. You have to understand who is it that you want to serve and how are you going to help them.

Once you figure that out, that’s is what is going to be your brand. You’ve created your brand for yourself and have that target market that you want to help, you will start attracting the right people. It’s about the community that you create.

Pillar #3 Monetization Strategy

Running a business, you have to have a business mindset. In network marketing, most try to treat this like a hobby. You have to have a monetization strategy when you take your business online.

You must know exactly what that number is so that you can create the strategy to go after it… Or you’ll likely fall short!

Watch the video below as I’ll be getting into more details of the other 3 pillars.

Video: The Foundation of Your Online Marketing Business

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