The 7 Step MLM Recruiting Formula

Are you having trouble recruiting people into your business? Do you have a step-by-step formula that you can send your mlm prospects through? In this video blog post I share my mlm recruiting formula that I use to recruit people into my business. Its a 7 step process and I’m gonna share it with you.

MLM Recruiting Formula Tips

mlm-recruiting-formulaIf you want to recruit more people into your business, you should have a step-by-step process in place where you can know where you are in your process. What most people do is just go for the killer close without taking your qualified prospect through a formula.

MLM recruiting is rarely taught by network marketers in their companies, its focused more on product training. But if you want to sponsor more people into your company, you have to get better at communicating with people. This blog will share with you the 7 step MLM recruiting formula

1. Raise Curiosity – This is key step because it is how you can peak interest in people to see how open they are. Basically, it is ideal to raise questions to see if they keep their options open if it didn’t interfere with what they are doing currently.

2. Ask the Question “Why?” – When you ask this question you are using this information later when you close them. But You wanna now what ha recently changed that has them open to making more money.

3. Direct and Schedule – This is where you are doing all your work upfront. You send them to a third party tool and ask, “How soon will they watch it?” When they give you an answer, you put the time and date in your calendar.

4. Check the level of Interest – This is where you gage to see if they are really gonna watch the presentation or not. If they have no interest, move to the next person but if they are trying to blow you off call them out on it to see if they are really interested.

5. Follow Up –  When you make your phone call to follow up, ask them “Did you watch the video?, Hear the conference call?” Whatever third party tool you told them to do. If they didn’t listen to the suggestion in the video on how to move forward.

6. Check Close – This is where most network marketers struggle. They will not ask the question and leave it floating in the air. If a prospect is positive, ask them “It sounds to me that you are ready to join?” If they were on the fence, you could pull them into your business.

7.  Sign Them Up – Once they are positive and ready to start, you simply just sign them up. If you are brand new and not sure how this process works, get your mlm sponsor on a 3 way call to help you out.

7 MLM Recruiting Formula Video

Was that mlm recruiting formula helpful? Do you have a better understanding on how you can actually use this formula to recruit more people into your business? I hope so. Like I said in the video I promised you a gift, its a totally free webinar that will boost your mlm recruiting for your business. You can gain access by clicking here.

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