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The Biggest Problem with Understanding MLM Business

I did an epic training on the main problem with understanding MLM business, at least, how most people teach it.

Watch this video, it gives you powerful MLM business tips that will help you get more results!

Are You Playing The Numbers Game?

Ifmlm business you talk to ten people, who are the top earners, and convert three. Now the person who is brand new, has no experience, can beat this person by talking to more people. For example they talk to twenty people and convert one, that’s five percent. This top earner converted 30%, this person has converted 5%, and what Jim Rohn said on this, if they had a 30 day contest. “I can beat this guy.” “Well what do you mean?”

He can beat this person by talking to more people. I would never say don’t develop your communication skills. That’s where a lot of network marketers struggle, they don’t develop the communication skills to talk to another human being. Click here to learn how. With all the tricks, tips and secrets that I teach, “this is how you get people on your phone.” In the beginning you’re going to have to pick up your phone to talk to them.

The thing is the person who has skills already, they have developed skills that they can talk to less people and get a higher conversion, while the new person needs to talk to more people to up their conversion. To be successful, in this business, you got to get in the game. People come to these trainings, enjoy what I say but you got to get in the game too. Host your own event, train people, impact people and help them. When you start helping them and see value in you, you can start helping yourself.

If you stay on the sideline, there are people who are sideline fans saying, “I would have done this, I would have done that. You should have did it this way, you should have did it that way.” And they never got in the game. They never even dressed up. To be successful,  you got to get in the game.

I shared my experience and the reason why I host these events is to help people get that shortcut. Because I used to cold call. I dreaded that, I hated cold calling. But, I did it because one, Mark Cuban, Warren Buffet, those guys did it. There’s no way around it. Two, I learned the phone skills and how to talk to people on the phone. There’s a benefit out of that training that you need to get.

Watch the video where we get into more details about the numbers.

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