The First Step To Take For Your Online MLM Business

This weekend I had a private mastermind with some of my clients. When training these marketers, it became obvious to me that they simply thought differently then other people do when designing a plan to market their online MLM business. In this post I share what you should start to focus on first.

Have a Target Audience (Avatar)

This stuff will NOT work, if you don’t have a target audience.

All this internet marketing, online marketing stuff, this is just to add to prospecting. It’s not the takeaway from it, all right? So this is gonna be working for you while you are at a day job doing. That’s why it’s important for you to get that stuff out there as fast as possible so that when you meet somebody, when out networking, you put use into your sales funnel.

This is the stuff that over time is gonna take over. If you do this for a long period of time, you have all this online content that’s working for you, then you can do what it is that you want to do. You’re free to own your time. Here are a couple of examples.

Invest In Yourself

In my basketball career, my brother and I reached a plateau, as far as training. We were trying to invest the “free” way,  then we hired a trainer. He started giving us these insights as far as how to be faster, stronger, footwork, etc. I wouldn’t have learned that if I didn’t invest in a trainer. He cut my learning time in half for me to learn it myself. He had the time and passed down knowledge to me with that.

I think same summer, we invested in a machine; this machine is called The Gun. What it is, it’s a machine that rebounds for you. You shoot basketballs and it passes the basketballs back to you. We invested like 5k for this machine. I was able to make 500 to 1000 shots a day and increased my production. For me, putting in that time and work, I believe for the rest of my career I was top 3 3-pointers.

In business, a person asked me, “I’m “trolling” in a Facebook group because this person is selling a product. Is it another scam to make money? Or a scam to get me to spend money?” I suggested to her. If you’ve been following this coach and she has the results that you want. Buy into her program.

Saving Time or Wasting Time

The reason you are here is because you want your time back. You invested money to get your time back. Now you have to be that to your client or customer. When people are coming to your online content, and are going to the internet and looking, you have to become a time reducer. People are going to come to you and they are gonna give you their money if you can reduce their time. If you can reduce people’s time, they will give you money.

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