The Only Reason To Start An MLM Blog

What do you think about when you hear MLM blog? You might think a lot of technology and web design to sell mlm products. This blog post I’ll share the only reason why you should be blogging….

Know What Opt-Ins Are?

Opt-in is another word for your prospect entering their information into your offer. That capture page comes up, they’re opting in to your capture page for information. Like on my side bar :).

Do you know what an autoresponder is? An autoresponder is the ways you are collecting information: names, emails, phone numbers. You gotta understand. The reason we create content, do online marketing is to get leads. When you are creating content whether it’s blog, website, video, is to get leads. This is why you blog.

I say this in all my trainings. I don’t blog to tell people how smart I am because people don’t care if I’m smart. People come to my blogs, website because they want their problem solved. Remember when you are creating content, you are putting information out there to have your prospect you don’t know to raise their hand asking for your help. This is the reason why we blog. We want to turn this lead into a potential client.

Struggles with Autoresponders

The reason people struggle with autoresponders is one, it’s low-cost. People don’t wanna pay for an autoresponder. How much money do I have to pay for my business? Let’s put this into perspective. If you own a restaurant, you have to buy an oven, chairs, a fan. Whatever it is that maintains that restaurant and keeps it going. You have to buy those supplies and it’s a huge overhead.

In our business space, we have such a low overhead. You have anything that is not really expensive. You have your auto-ship. If you have an online business then you gonna have hosting. If you do a mlm blog, WordPress, which is pretty much free, because you can connect WordPress. Then an autoresponder.

Basically, this is your overhead when you’re online. Social media is great and pretty much free without ads. The thing is you have to follow the rules on social media. The reason I talk about the context of a blog is because this is something you own.

Yes, it’s long term. Yes, it takes a while but you own it. This is your online asset. My suggestion is that build one online asset first. Master the one that you are building, make sure it’s producing leads and income for you, then once you have a foundation in place, then you can branch off and make money in other spaces.

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