Podcast Triple Threat Strategy

The Podcast Triple Threat Strategy

Podcast  are a “Triple Arbitrage” when creating your content.

In the post I share why this is…

Podcast Triple Threat Strategy

Podcast Triple Threat StrategyI had a couple podcasts that I did and got asked the question today about why would you want to video a podcast? And I think that it’s an interesting question, but I don’t think that people understand the power behind it when you video a podcast. So there’s a couple of things that you can do.

Film it

1. Once you video it, you have that video content, we can upload to social media, whether it’s YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, you can chop it up, put it on Instagram, or Twitter. You can put it on any of your social media channels, which is really dope.

Write it

2. If you’re a blogger, which is super valuable, understand the value of a blog. Once you put it on a blog, that’s content out there forever. You don’t own any of those social media channels, but you own your blog. If you’re able to upload it to a blog and turn it into an article.

Articles are still powerful. People are still reading. That’s why people buy the newspaper and magazines. You take your video and you can turn it into an article and now have an article or a blog. You have an article/blog where you’ve created two pieces of content in one.

Audio Form

3. Podcast. You can strip the audio from your video, and then you can upload that to your podcasts as well. It’s super powerful, not that you’re only doing video on podcasts. I think there’s so many ways you can leverage it and distribute it through your channel, put it on your blog, podcast. Even if you’re on somebody else’s podcast and you record it, then you can link it back to them.

Bonus Guest Arbitrage

They can promote the content on their own channels and bring awareness to you.

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