The Real Secret Of Attraction Marketing

If you don’t fully understand attraction marketing, today I’ll share what it means in regards to your network marketing company but where it matters even more importantly.

The Basics of Attraction Marketing

attraction-marketingWhen it specifically comes to attraction marketing, the whole purpose is you are leading with value instead of just a pitch. For example, instead of having a Facebook profile that constantly only talks about your primary company, you instead talk about topics that interest network marketers to ATTRACT them to you. It works and is contrary to what most network marketers do so overtime it stands out and people wanna learn more from you. Credibility, you don’t need to have any, just focus and have the desire to SERVE the people you are wanting to attract.

Any business can use attraction marketing. Instead of just shoving your network marketing company down people’s throat, teach them something that is important to them.

Attraction Marketing Secrets

Most people think attraction marketing is about their network marketing company, product, and everything about their comp plan. That’s not what it is about. Before I share what it is, let me share what it is NOT. Most people think what attracts people to that company is only the product or the companies comp plan, which is not the case. Understand that they are successful distributors in different companies out there. Why are they successful? They have developed a skill which is attraction marketing.

So, what is attraction marketing? It is essentially selling yourself. IF you have failed in a one or two network marketing companies (maybe more), the company rarely changes. People are still out there building that company successfully. The secret of attraction marketing is learn to sell yourself. Putting value into the marketplace, giving value to your team, people, and helping them. Show them a path on how they can build a network marketing business. You will attract more people when you become more valuable. You are going to have a lot more people wanting to follow you. It is NOT gonna matter what company that you’re in, because they’re going to want to be working with YOU. 

The secret of attraction marketing is selling yourself. It’s not your company, or your product. It’s about YOU. Make sure that you provide value to the people that join. The video below you can feel my energy.

Video On Attraction Marketing

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