The Secret to Success Have Anything to do with Permission

What is the difference between the networker or marketer that gets up on stage, rank advances or appears to be unstoppable when it comes to prospecting and the person that constantly struggles? Does the secret to success have ANYTHING to do with getting permission? This post will help you realize there is no need to wait.

What’s Your Story?

One of the great things about the internet is that we have so many platforms to get our story across. But it’s sort of hard when you don’t know how to use stories. You’ve heard the saying “Fact tell, stories sell” so many times it’s not even funny.

Unfortunately I never really paid much attention to it. However…my created a FREE training that turned that around for me. She will make you feel like you can pull a story out from anywhere. She’s showing EXACTLY how to do it. I’d suggest watching this while the training is still FREE. She breaks it down so easy. (Hint: If you’re still reading…then you’ll know why once you watch this training lol)…

Giving Yourself Permission

We give you permission. My question to you guys is, what are you waiting for? Everybody is saying they give themselves permission. This story about greatness and surrounded by all that greatness. When I hear that, I know she’s attracting greatness, and stepped into greatness… instead of thinking that people are up there. She believed, “I’m a part of this.”

Giving yourself permission is the first step. Everybody has been uncomfortable, right? There is Facebook live, right? There’s prospecting strangers, networking, whatever it is that you’re going through, everybody in here has been through it. Everybody here has been in a similar situation. Maybe not financially, but as entrepreneurs or business owners. Because everything that we’ve been through, you are probably going through right now, we are gonna give you solutions to those problems and how to get through it. But you do have to give yourself permission to get started.


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