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Three Growth Phases You Wish You Knew Before Starting an Online Business

I’ve now established the context of all successful online businesses. Build – Engage – Sell! If you’re focused on doing these 3 activities every single day, then you’re on the right track.

In this post, I’ll simplify this even more so you can get start getting results RIGHT NOW, as the one final piece of the puzzle are the 3 Phases of Growth that ALL entrepreneurs progress through on your entrepreneurial journey…

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Framework 3 Phases of Growth

#1: Social Media Networking & Prospecting. You want to network on social media so you can build your audience. Pick a platform that you are good at, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, that you are good at. Learn how to use it and start networking.

There’s a course right here. And once you learn from it, implement it. You can go to Google, YouTube, other places and try to piece things together. Or buy a course that teach you a step-by-step way that will save you a lot of time and money.

When I first built my blog, it took me six months. And three or four more months to generating leads. So a full year of building this blog before I got results. Then I bought this course, and it shared with me I could’ve outsourced my blog. Don’t waste time, if you have the money to invest in yourself. If you really want to learn something, invest in your business.

Share valuable content to your newsfeed. Use the 80-20 rule. Have valuable content and leave the 20 percent to sell.

Engage conversations to transition those leads to sell. Start building relationships around social media. You start getting leads to sell and finding connections who refer your business.

You see this all the time in social media. Others who want your service would say, “Let me get your contact”. You see this all the time in Facebook in the “Getting Recommendation” section.

#2: Personal Branding & Content Marketing. This is how you establish your online presence. Putting valuable content. It can be a video, an article or a blog. It can be a Facebook live.

In the beginning, you may need to share other people’s content in your niche. But as you grow, you want to start creating your own content.

With branding you can take it a step further. Create video of you sharing other leaders content. Shared what you’ve learned in a video by leveraging a training. You want to get into the mindset of creating your own content. In the beginning, you may be camera shy but learn how to work through that. Leverage other people’s content to help build your brand and develop your marketing strategy.

#3: Paid Advertising for Rapid Growth & Scaling (Optional). If you are brand new and thinking about paid advertising, the minimum you need is $150usd a month for six to twelve months. That’s the minimum you need to create your brand and get out there to create your network.

Paid marketing is ‘optional’… but we it’s recommend getting into paid advertising as quickly as possible. And with our paid advertising blueprint, you can start running targeted traffic to your offers with as little as $5 per day.

Ask yourself, how big do you want to grow your empire? How fast do you want to build it? Paid ads can definitely help get you there faster than any other form of marketing IF you know what you’re doing! (and this something we teach you)

VIDEO: Here’s What the 3 Phases of Growth Look Like When You Put Them to Work In Your Business Starting TODAY!

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