Three Important Online Marketing Tips

Today I share a training on 3 online marketing tips to get more leads.

Watch the video blog for my tips that will help you build your business!

Build Your Business Online

online-marketing-tipsWhen building your business online it is important to keep in mind that you are marketing. So the information you are putting on your page and blog represents who you are and attract a certain type of cliental. These three online marketing tips will give you a better idea.

Number one is build your brand. In most cases, on social media, people will put their company’s name, coupons, and discount prices on their company. If you’re jumping from company to company to company realize you are the constant, branding yourself IS important. Provide value to your audience when you’re building your business online.

Number two is build a community. Use social media for engagement. This is a chance for you to build your audience, provide value to that audience. Once you are online with any of those social media platform, people see what you are doing. If you only pitch them, you will turn off more than attract them. Make sure you ask questions on your page and communicate with that audience to find out what they want.

Number three is have a crowd. If you don’t have a crowd it’s tough to get results. There is a story in the video below about what my buddy did once he had a crowd. Make sure you watch that below.

Video: 3 Online Marketing Tips

Was that helpful? Hopefully you take action and start using these online marketing tips to get more leads. Drop me a comment below if you are and feel free to share.

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