Twitter Marketing: How To Use Twitter For Recruiting

Is Twitter marketing good for your home business? In this video blog I’ll answer this question and show you how to use Twitter for recruiting for your company.

Can You Automate Twitter Marketing?

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Using Twitter Marketing For Recruiting

What I’m going to do is, I’m looking for somebody who’s in my niche. For example, I’m in the home-based business. My goal is with this is not just to get leads, but to start conversations with these people. What I would do is scroll up and down and see who I want to start a conversation with.

Start conversation and get engaged with these people. I would do this for probably about 10 to 15 people just on this social media site. After engaging with all of these people, I would go to where it says “notification” and I would just go and I would reply to all these people. If they have a reply to me, I’m starting a conversation. I’m building a relationship,  I spend probably about 15 to 20 minutes a day doing this. By doing this, over time it’ll be full. You go to notifications or can go to mention. Mention is when they’re specifically mentioning you. When you go in there, you’re replying and you’re having a conversation. This is a great lead generation strategy to have people coming in to you asking questions, building relationships, and ultimately you can sign them up in your business.

Video On Twitter Marketing For Your Home Business

Was that video helpful? If you follow this tips in your Twitter marketing, you will start recruiting people into your business. Wanna learn more about this strategy you can go here and build your business using Twitter.

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