Two Quick Strategies to Build Rapport for Your MLM Business

In this training, I share the 2 quick strategies that network marketers can implement when they are trying to build rapport. This short video will share with you two strategies to get more MLM Business.

Watch this short video and learn a great one-two punch for you to get more business.

Build Rapport for Your MLM Business

Today I’ll talk about how to build rapport. They struggle how to build rapport online and offline. Offline, there’s a lot of networking events people go to, so it’s a better to build rapport in a networking meeting, but online, it seems like people turn a switch.

Like this huge Great Wall of China wall that people need to get through just to get a response. You should treat it like you treat networking because if you’re content, you want to share with people what you’re doing in your business because you want people to buy from you, know what you’re doing, your product or service or business opportunity.

Marketing is a Relationship Business.

In network marketing, it’s a people business, but I would take it a step further that marketing is a relationship business. When you are marketing to people, you are hitting triggers psychologically why somebody wants to buy from you. You are talking to your prospects in a psychological way.

1. Plant Seeds

Make as many relationships as possible. A lot of people, they go straight for the sell. They want to go online because they see all people killing it online and they go straight for the sale. With marketing, what you do is you’re planting seeds. The last time I checked on this, it takes somebody like 7-11 times before they buy from you.

For example, what Facebook does is that when you start having a lot of engagement, they are saying, “This is getting a lot of engagement right here. Spend so much money and I’ll get you more exposure.

They are baiting you to spend money with them and give you a promise. The problem is that it’s not targeted. They give you the exposure, but it’s not a targeted area that you want. With that being said, if you just do it once, it’s not going to work.

What happens is that somebody will put some money to Facebook, and when they don’t get results, say it doesn’t work. But they don’t know you yet. It’s your first time online. If they don’t know you, why would they buy from you? So you’re planting seeds, marketing is a relationship business.

2. Master Small Talk

When you know how to get into someone’s head, you make a lot more sales and you recruit a lot more people to your mlm business or convert people to your service. When people come to me and people start talking to me about getting more mlm business or how I grow my business. An example. I was on a conversation yesterday and we were talking about mlm prospecting. She was asking me these questions and I was listening but I was answering her questions before she was answering them, if that makes sense.

At the end of the conversation, she said, it’s like you were in my head. Because I was. I was there because I have been in your position. You have to be immersed in your industry. You have to know the problems of your prospects if you want to learn how to solve them. If you want to make more money, make more sales.

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If you enjoyed this blog on “Two Quick Strategies to Build Rapport for Your MLM Business”, retweet and comment please

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