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Two Warm Market Approaches For Your MLM Business

Not sure the best way to approach your warm market about your MLM business?

These are two totally different strategies that will help you get a better reception and better results.

What the Gurus Aren’t Telling You?

warm market approachWhen you go to events there are gurus who are teaching, “Hey, this is exactly what I said, go out there and say this and you will start sponsoring and recruiting people.” What does a rookie network marketer do? They get the script that the guru suggest, they read it verbatim, and get frustrated because it didn’t work.

What they never share when on stage, they don’t share that when they go and recruit 30 people in 30 days, those people look at them as an authority, as a business owner, or someone of success. When the person on stage is sharing their story, “Hey, I recruited 30 people for my warm market.” For example, they can call their buddy up and  he would just give them your credit card.

Because they have relationship established and have some type of a rapport, and that person sees them as an authority. I’m always suggesting go to your warm market, but you have to be careful on how you approach them because if you are a person that its your very first time starting a business or haven’t had business success in the past, you have to have a different approach.

Most people don’t know what the person has been through to get on stage, but when they are on stage in sales presentation mode, all they’re doing is saying what they did and “teaching” go out there and read the exact same script. If they don’t see you as a business person or haven’t seen you as a success. You are you paint a vision of wear you are going.

What to Do When Pitched Biz Opportunity Before?

The second way to approach a warm market. For example, you’ve been in network marketing before. My suggestion is if you have been in many companies before and you haven’t had a success that you wanted with the money, lead with the product.

Lead with the product. The problem is that everybody’s trying to hit home runs, instead of getting base hits. Focus on getting a base hit, which is getting sales. Most people are looking for the ongoing recurring payments to make that money.

But if you’re not that skilled level yet, focus on the product that you’re selling and tell them about the product. The truth of the matter is that people do like cool products. People want to know what your product is, if you have a new product, and you’re going to share it with your network, then just focus on the product. You can approach them, “Hey, I’m starting this business, I know this business might not be for you, but maybe you want to check out the product.”

When you focus on the product, you’re going to start getting those base hits and if you show them a presentation of your company that you have and they see that there is a way to make money, then that may open up an opportunity for them to join your team.

But if not, then at least you made a sale. You want to get those base hits and focus on the base hits rather than ONLY home runs. Babe Ruth, the year that he broke the home run record is the same year that he had the most strike out record too.

Sharing Your MLM Business with Friends

Was that helpful? Both approaches work. Yep, it just straight out works.

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