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Video Marketing Tips: Learn to Post on Purpose

Are you posting on purpose? We are taught to create videos to post but it’s not getting the results you are looking for. This post will help you learn with video marketing tips to post with a purpose.


Plan to Post Video Content With a Purpose

If you are creating a video, you have to determine why. There has to be a purpose purpose. The online community I’m a part of, My Lead System Pro, they had a product that was called “Posting On Purpose”. When you are posting on purpose, there’s an end goal. When I create a video, either I’m selling a product, service, or my network marketing opportunity.

In that video, I’m looking to generate a mlm lead. I want that person to reach out to me at the end of the day. You don’t want to be creating a video only to tell people how smart you are because sooner or later, they DON’T gonna care. Especially if you talk about yourself. You want to create a video with an end purpose in mind like I want this person to reach out to me so I can convert him to a sale, and that word of mouth business will bring in more business.

Determine Why Your Posting

You don’t want to try to create a video without a purpose. Why you are creating video content is to generate leads, it could be to get more traffic, product sales, and have people reach out to you. That’s the reason you create these videos. What are you going to promote? This could be a blog post, e-book, video series, a product launch.

You have a blog post you want to promote. I want to promote it to my target audience, which are network marketers who want to see this video. There is a purpose in place why I’m targeting them. I’m don’t creating a video talking about how smart I am, how great my company is. I’m here looking to serve my industry.

Research Niche-Specific Keywords

If you were struggling with recruiting, you would look up “network marketing recruiting” on Google or YouTube. All of a sudden, I have all these videos that will teach me how to recruit in network marketing. They give you these tips. Most of them will be the same but these mlm tips will help you how to recruit. They’re gonna tell you how to prospect, how to talk to people, how to be less salesy or more salesy – depends on who the person is. At the end of that video, they’re gonna direct me to something is to get in contact with them.

My point is is that the keyword I’m putting in is specific to my target and my niche. If I’m gonna type in cars, car reviews, boots are not gonna come up. It doesn’t make any sense. So be keyword-specific to whom you’re targeting. Find out more about SEO here.

Create Video Content that Solves a Problem

video marketing tipsWhen creating these videos, you want to solve people’s problems. Testimonials are great, but these videos you want to address a problem that people have and solve that problem. Post your content on YouTube and Facebook, then you can promote it and drive more traffic to your video. Here is a 10 min master class on driving traffic.

Now a plan in place. You’re not creating videos to please somebody or hoping someone’s going to see it. Why are you creating the video? You want people to reach out to you about your service, product, or opportunity.

Look for the keywords that they are searching for, solve that problem, and after you solve that problem, upload it and then you promote the video.

This is an example I pulled up from back at MLSP (My Lead System Pro). The goal here would be to generate an MLSP Facebook campaign. What are the keywords that people will search for? Well, people are looking for “Facebook marketing tips.” or “How to create a Facebook ad”, “prospecting on Facebook”. These are ideas that they talk about in this video. What I would do is I would watch that webinar, I would take five or ten notes, and mention, “here are some Facebook marketing tips: I learned this.” Or, “Are you struggling with how to prospect on Facebook? This is how you do it.”

Your call to action

This is where a network marketers miss out on, because there are marketers who create videos and don’t have a call to action. They leave the prospect who watched the video, who watched a two, three, or five minute video and now have nowhere to go. So make sure you leave a call to action. Direct them to your website, phone number, Google Voice phone number, or email address.

If you feel this helped you, comment below and share around and let’s help create more videos to help people all over the world. You can impact more people when you post on purpose.

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