Wanna Know How to Sell Stuff? Tap Into the Emotions

This is hard core sales training that MOST people do not know and certainly don’t use. Even the best marketers in our industry fail to utilize these principles. You will know how to sell stuff by the end of this post.

Process of Influence

People want to go straight to the sale but they don’t understand the rapport-building process. You want to make sure you’re building rapport and making that person feel understood first. Once they feel understood and feel like they can relate and connect with you, start that rapport, and you start to build influence on those prospects.

An example. A lot of the time I speak to people, they want to know if they need the next best software out there or best social media platform to build an incredible, faster business. I’ll give them suggestions on software and tools, but the real thing is that I want to build rapport with people. I know very little about technology. But I’m smart enough to hire somebody who does so we can figure it out. Because your time is valuable.

When people ask me what’s the best software or tool out there, how you get so many Twitter followers or how you build your following, what software you’re using, it’s not about that. You need tools, resources and software, they do help. It doesn’t help at all that you are building an online presence and you’re not connecting with people.

Psychology of Emotion

This is the psychology part. Sales is the transfer of emotion. When people buy something, they want to feel good about it. Everyone has a time when you go to a store and then get talked into something and after you got home like,  “I’m taking this back tomorrow.

In your business, if you’re connecting with people emotionally, sales becomes easier. Once you start building rapport and have influence on people, you will convert those into sales. But if you are hoping for sales without connecting to their emotion, people buy what they want, not what they need.

People that barely make any sales always are focusing on what their product or service IS versus what it does and what it means to the customer. IF you focus on the benefits you are way better than most out there, if you focus on the benefits of the benefits you are in the top 2% of all sales people.

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