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Web Software Tools to Automate Your Efforts

The #1 mistake that online mlm marketers make is they don’t track. Today, I peel back the curtain on what I use for web software tools that will allow you to greatly increase your traffic, your leads and of course, your profits.

Posting Your Websites On Each Platform

web software toolsLook for groups in your niche. Start adding, joining those groups. Related to your industry. Once you join those groups, start creating content and post your content in those groups. Share how you help people with testimonials, content with those Facebook groups.

Software Tools to Post Your Content

I was using Hootsuite. I stopped using it because I didn’t like how it was branding “Hootsuite” on the posts. I do use some softwares, like Gramto, Onlypult, and FollowAdder. Buffer’s the same thing with branding.

Check out the resources above. But the reason why I stopped using “Hootsuite” because it branded itself. People knew it was automated. Personally, I want it to look like it was naturally automated.

I try to simplify it, but if you haven’t done any marketing it’s tough. Most people will go and post because at network marketing events they don’t teach you how to use these tools, they just tell you what to post. What people do is take their link but post it all over and think that’s marketing. What you are doing is raising resistance to your prospects.

Be yourself, but you’ve got to be strategic, too. The content that you’re producing has to be serving your audience.

It takes between three to five seconds to get your prospects attention. When you get their attention in three to five seconds, your content should be no more like three to five minutes.

Always remember, amateurs hope, professionals track. The earlier in your online mlm marketing career that you learn this, the better!

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