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What Are The Duplication Secrets In Network Marketing?

First of all this is for my Network team on how they can experience massive duplication. Now, I know some sneaky MLM’ers from other companies are going to watch this (as they should) and I am OK with that.

This video talks about how you can duplicate and make money in network marketing.

The Secret Of Duplication

secret of duplicationIn the business of network marketing, I would say 95% of your team won’t be your friends or family. You will have to go out there and find like-minded people who you teach them how to duplicate what it is that you’re doing. It’s really that simple. It’s not complicated nor is it rocket science. You’re teaching people to duplicate what it is that you’re doing.

For example, can I call my successful dad or uncle and ask, “Hey, I started this new business. We can make some money. Are you in, are you out?” Very simple. If they say, “Well, what is it that you got?” Then I can show them a video, or invite them to a presentation, then follow up with them right afterwards. There are mlm prospecting ways where you get them to the video, the resource, the presentation. It’s really that simple. You ask if they’re open, you show them a resource, which is a link or a presentation, and then you follow up with them. And then you teach people how to do that.

Excuses For Why You NOT Taking Action

But the reason why I bring that simple example up is because most are like, “Man, I don’t have a network like Kobe,” or, “I don’t have a network like Mark Cuban.” What they’ll share is one, they talk to people and reach out to people they know, but they’re not scared. In their mind, a no is a no. It doesn’t matter if it was Jay Warren or if it was Steve Jobs.

I think when you connect with those like-minded people who think like that, then your mind shifts to that way. It’s not about getting rejected anymore. It’s about talking to people, networking with people, and then find a group of people that you vibe with, you connect with who are thinking bigger and want more out of life.

OK network marketers… watch this video and get ready to make some money!

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