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What I Wanted To Do Before Network Marketing

Today’s post may blow you away. In this post I share what I wanted to do before I chose Network Marketing.

My ability to do online marketing, which is a skill I picked up before I started, may explain why I went this route post career.

Before Network Marketing

network marketingI got close, but I really wanted to do is, because I remember asking my parents to take me to gymnastics because I was addicted to the Olympics. So I wanted to be in the Olympics and wanted to be a professional athlete. And I got close because I was playing for the Panama national team, and got close because we were in the qualifying round two years in a row.

We lost and didn’t qualify to go play in the Olympics. Then again, in this previous post I was talking about mindset because I had that mindset, that vision of me wanting to play in the Olympics. I had no idea how I was going to do it. When I got older, those doubts that came in as like, “How am I going to play on the USA team? I’m so far behind.” And then my dad’s Panamanian, and then they invited me to come play and then I had an opportunity to go play and competed for the Olympics.

Hope you got value from this, if you did feel free to share.

I appreciate you guys so much. Have an amazing day.

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