what is network marketing

What Is Network Marketing?

Chances are you’ve been pitched on joining a network marketing business, or you’ve heard the term thrown out and now you’re researching to learn more about the industry.

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What Is Network Marketing?

“You mentioning  a term that scarers a lot of people off. Network marketing. Because there is a stigma around it. People have used it to scam other people.There’s a lot of variations to it so it scares a lot of people. So break it down to us. What is network marketing?”

Network marketing is getting other people to duplicate what you do. Sounds really simple. But it is what it is. You start a or invest in a business. Once you start that business, you find people who want to make money or find people who want to use your product.

The two things I mentioned out there, it’s in every business.

But people don’t talk bad about McDonald’s,  Starbucks or Walmart. It’s a similar concept. People who own McDonald’s are looking for more franchisee’s to own McDonald’s.

And they position their business in a high traffic area.

Same concept with network marketing. You are looking for people who wants to make money and looking for customers.

From that, you are in a community where you are learning how to talk to another human being.

Some of the bad reputation things they are saying are truthful, but it is because they are not taught right.

It’s the same thing with basketball. If you are not taught to shoot properly or if you are not taught the rules of the game, how are you going to play the game the right way?

Same concept with network marketing. If people are not training you to talk to another human being like our conversation right now. So if I were to talk to you off camera and ask you if you were interested to make more money, will you be offended by that?

There is a stigma that of course it’s negative. But it’s the same concept as any other businesses out there.

Pretty awesome, right?

Let me know what you think in the comments below. And, feel free to share this with your teammates.

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