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What Should You Focus On When Getting Started In Network Marketing?

Should people still be doing home meetings? Do they even work anymore? If they do, is that where you should focus on? This post will help…

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What Are The First Steps to Start Online

Let’s say you’ve got somebody that literally is like, “Okay, I want to get online and be like you.” What would be maybe your first couple of steps for somebody just getting started, getting engaged and making that start to happen for them?

First don’t be like me, be yourself because that’s what you’re going to connect with. And then it’s the simple thing about network marketing that a lot of people don’t understand is the way you make money, they have to see what you’re doing and be able to do it. If you’re having one-on-one meetings for three hours, most people have lives, kids. They’re not going to be able to do it.

But if you can have home meetings or Zoom meetings, get them on the phone, send them a link, simple tasks that you can teach where you’re inviting them to see a presentation.

It’s all about duplication. Eric Worre is person that I follow, all about duplication, that’s all he talks about. It’s not about what works, the sales person does what works. The people who make money are the people who are doing the duplication.

If you’re able to duplicate your actions, you’ll start seeing an increase in your income. If you’re trying to do what works, “This is what works for me. This works for me,” and your team responses, “I’m quitting.” The motivation thing, you got to keep on motivating.

Duplication, we’ve heard that for a long time. It’s all about teaching them to be able to duplicate that process because there’s no point if you know how to do it, nobody else knows how to do it, then your team is not growing.

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