What You Need To Know About Network Marketing CRM And Email Lists

Time to take your business to the next level with CRM and email lists?

Before you do, here’s my thoughts for building network marketing business with CRM.

Building relationship with Tools?

You have a CRM or some type of software, where you are building your list. Now, going back to number 1 when I talk about being yourself, when you are with a network marketing company, a lot of the companies they want you to push and sell product, when a person will leave the excuse is, it was the company this or it was the product that. They’ll go to another company and keep doing that over and over. The thing is that what’s always the same is you.

You’re the constant in all that. It can be the same thing in insurance, realtor, etc. You are the common denominator. When you’ve done your list and CRM, this is your money right here. Your fortune is your following. When you are building your list of your target market clients using your lead magnets, you follow up with them, talk about events, promote, share value.

A buddy of mine, he’s about to launch a book, I was sharing this with him the other day. When you do pre-launch, go to your CRM and start sharing parts of your chapters of your book that you’re talking about, and when you’re ready to launch, let you list know, “my book is out on Amazon now, it’s for sale for $19.99 or $9.99” whatever it’s going for.

This is an important part because this is your money list. You need to build your email list instead of doing it for a company. For example, you were to change industries, then you still have a list of people that you have a relationship with that. I’m a big Will Smith fan. He was a rapper, but he went into acting and now he’s a producer. And this has been on for 20 years, but he’s made a transition throughout his whole career where he has a following. No matter what he does, people will follow him.

You can do that in your business as well where if you start out network marketing, and then you switch from network marketing company to another network marketing company, you have a relationship with that list, so you can take that relationship to another company.

That’s what some people do. If you’re going from being a realtor to an insurance agent or vice versa, a financial planner, etc, you have a relationship with that list. You’ve been giving value for so long that it doesn’t matter what you promote. They’re gonna follow you wherever you go. You’re building a community, you’re building a tribe.

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