What’s The Number One Struggle In Network Marketing Recruiting?

Have you been struggling with you network marketing recruiting? In this blog post I’m gonna share what to do to recruit more people into your business.

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The Number One Reason Why….

When prospecting daily and not only talking, but listening to people, what they are saying. I see it constantly why people can not put people into their business. They really struggle with network marketing recruiting is that they’re talking too much.

When I say you are talking too much you explain everything about the comp plan, product, what’s in the product, the history of the company, going on and on, and sharing all this information about the company but they are not listening. They are not listening to what that prospect is saying, or what they want.

There is a mantra to “say less to more people.” You wanna say less to more people. Put your listening ears on, and listen to what your prospect is saying. You will increase your network marketing recruiting because once you are listening to what your prospect is saying, you’re going to be able to recruit more people to your business.

Video On Network Marketing Recruiting

In the video below I share with you three tips on how NOT to talk too much. Three things to help you listen more to your prospect. If you enjoy what I share in the video, please feel free to share it.

Was those tips helpful? With these tips you will be more aware when speaking with your prospects. If you wanna learn more on network marketing recruiting, check out my buddy’s course here.

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