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Why Become a Hybrid In Network Marketing?

This post will share my answers to the question, why to become hybrid in network marketing, read this first.

Most people have no idea all the benefits of being a hybrid offers.

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Become A Hybrid In Network Marketing

Host: That’s kind of how everything’s moving now, everything’s going online. You were a little bit ahead of the game there, with that, because the model has always been with network marketing, is the in-home parties, and it’s really been a shift. I think even for Amy and I, learning how to navigate that. It’s such a different market, but I think there’s so much potential if you can master that.

Me: Yeah, no doubt. I think you have to be a hybrid too, because I know people who have totally built their business online and there’s people who have totally built their business offline. But I think you have to go where the eyeballs are, where their attention is. A lot of people’s attentions are on their cell phones and people who are listening on the podcast and radio. You got to be able to gravitate to people’s attention and then show them, there are other options for them.

People who are listening to this are coming back and forth to work, and ask themselves, how do I get out of this? I don’t want to say they are miserable, but there has to be other options or another way. If you can show them another way, then they’ll be a guest on this podcast :).

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