Why People Are Saying No To Your MLM Business

In need of some MLM tips for when your friends and family are saying NO to your pleas to join your Network Marketing business?

This will help you to understand why your warm market may be responding that way and what to do about it to still create MLM success!

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MLM Tips for those people saying NO by Their Warm Market

I had a discussion with a gentleman today who’s in network marketing, and he was sharing with me that when he was presenting people with his network marketing business, he was getting rejection. But wasn’t sure why he was getting rejection.

We were having the discussion and was saying, he presents his business to his warm market and now he’s venturing off into the cold market aspect of building his business.

Okay cool. When you approach your warm market, what is it that you say? He said, “Hey, Are you open to making some money?” Usually people will say, sure or what is it? But the people that he was reaching out to, they knew that he was in MLM business, so they were resistant already before he even got a chance to present that invitation.

A good way to handle this is that when you are recruiting or sponsor people into your mlm business, ask, “Are you open to making money? or “Are you open to a side project if it didn’t interfere with what you’re currently doing? Usually, a prospect’s response is yes, what is it?

When they say yes or what is it, my response is why? Why are you looking to make some extra money? Why are you open to this side project right now? When I ask that question, people share that information with me.

“I need some extra money.” or “I got to put my kids through college.” It’s important to ask that question “why” because that “why” is the reason why you are NOT recruiting people into the business opportunity. If you say, “Hey, do you want to make some money?” And then you just blast them your link, you are going to get a lot of resistance.

People are tired of seeing “all the ways they can make money”. But, if you separate yourself from those people and ask why are they open to making some money, what is it that’s changed in their life, you start turning into a problem solver. You are concerned and want to know what it is, how you can help them.

And your network marketing company becomes the answer. If they are open to making some money, and you ask the question why, it’s a higher chance that your network marketing business could be the answer for your prospect. Now you are NOT coming off as a salesperson anymore. You’re coming off as a person who wants to solve their problem. And people want their problem solved.

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