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Why Your Network Marketing Traffic Strategy Sucks

Struggling to get visitors to your network marketing traffic to your website?

This post will share why your strategy is not working and what do to to change your results.


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What You Need To Have In Place First

In network marketing, they give you a website to promote. With it you’ve have great resources, Facebook, Twitter, all the social media. The world’s at your fingertips, it’s all on your phone but they don’t teach you how to drive traffic.

What most marketers do is, take their link. Write a message suggesting, “We’ve got this great product. Click on the link.” I don’t know why marketers still do it nor why it’s taught, but hardly ever anybody gets a lead or sales with this strategy. Unless you have a relationship established, it doesn’t work.

Do You Have To Post All The Time?

Depends on the social media platform. People go on social media for their news. They are curious and if they see you are consistently posting about the same products over again. This creates a resistance, if they are interested they’ll click it, do their own Google search about the company. See a negative comment, then they are gone. Or if they see it, what happens is that they will go straight to the person they know and you won’t even know who looked at the link.

You want to make sure as marketer/business owner, especially in network marketing, to lower the resistance and create curiosity so prospects reach out to you. That’s the goal. When you become a good marketer, prospects will say, “What is it that you’re doing, what’s your business?”

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