Online Marketing Training: My Notes From The Live The Dream Event

This past weekend I was at the Live The Dream Event host by My Lead System Pro. This is an industry event that teaches network marketing, affiliate marketing, and online marketing training.

Watch the short video and get my notes from the event.

Live The Dream Event

online-marketing-trainingSince joining My Lead System Pro, I have been to all their events and they find away provide more value to entrepreneurs who are in this industry. It amazes me how innovated they have become since I started with them in 2012. They have online marketing training strategies for newbies and veteran marketers who see the value and return to our community.

They have this event once a year and if are you serious about your business? Prove it… “Make the Decision NOW and COMMIT that You Will Be In PROFIT One Year From Today, and Join Us in Austin, TX for LTD7!”

Today I share my notes from the Live The Dream event and I cover some keys points of what I learned and how you can implement these simple strategies in your business. Watch the video below.

My Online Marketing Training Notes

Was that video helpful? Did you enjoy the notes from the event? I hope you did. Events are where I had my first breakthrough and it was my first LTD event where it happened. You should be going to as many events as possible, but if you have to chose one event for the year, MLSP event is one that I suggest to you.

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