YouTube Marketing Tips For Your Business

Youtube marketing is one of the hottest ways to attract clients and customers to your business, here are a few powerful tips you can use right now!

Video Marketing Does Work

youtube-marketingThe powerful thing about video or youtube marketing is that if you do it right, you will meet people that feel like they already know you just based on watching your videos. I got approached at a networking event and was told, “I’ve seen you videos on YouTube.” When sharing trainings, thoughts, and value people really enjoy that.

YouTube marketing is a very powerful way to build your business because you can build instant rapport on YouTube. A person gets to know, like and trust you pretty much instantly. I’m just going to share a couple of tips that I had with a prospect with you.

Tip number one is that if you want to market on YouTube, you gotta get started. Most people don’t nowhere to start or worse don’t even start. Which is hurting your business. You can check out my buddies free training video.

IF you are scared of the camera, you don’t have to use a camera. You can screenshot your laptop, if you want to use YouTube to market your business, people will hear you or see your screen, but getting started is very important. 

A lot of people create content, but one of your main goals with YouTube marketing is actually to generate leads. You want to be able to generate leads for your business. If you are using YouTube and only sharing information, educating people, but you’re not generating leads, you’re going to be wasting your time.

You want to make sure that when you’re on YouTube that your purpose behind doing videos and creating marketing videos is actually not ONLY to educate people, but actually generate leads online for your business. This should be one of your top goals if you are in business and you want to use YouTube as a platform.

When you start generating leads, you can convert those leads into sales, because you need people to talk to about your business if you are going to make sales. That’s why leads should be your primary goal in YouTube marketing.

The last suggestion was a call of action. There’s a tons of videos out there that they give good information, good education, but they don’t have a call to action. They leave with nothing left to do. They leave the person watching the video with nowhere to go. You have to have a type of call to action on your video so you can actually focus on your main goal which is generating leads.

YouTube Marketing Video

Was that helpful to you? You enjoy those YouTube marketing tips? If you did feel free to share them. Make sure you check out my buddies training on how they have built their business on YouTube.

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