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Why Traditional Marketing Usually Fails for Home Based Businesses

There are several distinctions to make when comparing traditional marketing tactics, inside this post will help you understand how to create serious network marketing success.

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Traditional MarketingOkay so you may be ruined now. I just watched a training, and now you’ll never look at any marketing the same again. Basically you can see right through it. Everything that they’re doing to try to sell to you.

Most don’t do it too well to be honest. Want the secret behind all great marketing, and all the biggest names in our industry? It’s Storytelling.

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Not Soliciting but Marketing on Social Media

Question: Not being able to follow up with those people that  give me their card and saying, “I want to contact you, I want to speak to you. I want to come in.” What do you suggest?

Me: For example, What type of attorney are you? Probate estate.

Answer: Probate estate attorney.

Me: If somebody is coming to you and ask, “We need to have a conversation.” How is it that you would initiate and followup?

Answer: I’ll give them my card and I say, “You can email me or call me and set up a consultation.”

Me: Okay, but you are not allowed to call them.

Answer: No. Unless it’s a family member or close friend, then I can do that. But outside of that, it’s almost like advertising, soliciting.

Here’s the route I would suggest because most people when you receive your card, as soon as they get in the car they take that card and chunk it. Then get on their phone texting and driving, forget about that. My suggestion would be, in a form of content, is to share information on how it is that you’re helping people.

I don’t know if you can do that as a lawyer or not, but if you go online and share content and then you can send it to your email list. Saying, “Hey, this is how we help this person this week or this person this month. Here’s the story I want to share.”

It’s the saying, facts tell, short stories sell. Make sure you are providing stories to your list. But the problem is that when people struggle with it is this, they’re not consistent. With marketing, you got to be consistent.

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